Do you have a complaint?

Do you have a complaint about precipitation, smell or noise and you suspect that the cause of this can be found at the Chemelot site?

What happens if you call the environmental complaint desk?

The call comes in at the Central Control Room which is staffed 24 hours a day.
If you are worried about something that happens at Chemelot, you can make that clear. In many cases, the  employee will immediately be able to explain to you what is going on. If he can not (yet) do so, he will sort things out and call you later.
Your complaint will be noted along with your name, address and telephone number, as well as the meteo data at that time (weather conditions, wind direction, etc.).

The Chemelot environmental verifier then sets off within half an hour after your call. This is part of a team of people specially trained for this purpose (about twenty in total), who are trained to assess any damage or nuisance.
The verifiers determine, together with you, what kind of inconvenience there is: how much noise, what kind of stench, what kind of precipitation.

The verifiers record their findings on a complaints form and that form goes to the Environmental complaints system of the Chemelot site.

This department takes care of the further processing. On the basis of the data entered, they continue to search internally for the source of the nuisance, have them take specialist measurements or have samples collected. They will also approach you again as a complainant if necessary.

If there is any damage, the extent of the damage and the compensation will be determined together with an engaged insurance expert. Standard rates have been set for claims. In case of problems, both parties can invoke legal assistance. The further financial settlement is for the account of the site user concerned.
The employees of the Environmental complaints system ensure that you, as a caller, receive a personal or telephone message about the way the complaint has been handled.