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The companies at Chemelot are global players. To achieve the sustainability transition, condition number one is that companies can continue to produce economically responsibly on our site. A continuing good business and innovation climate in the Netherlands is of great importance, as are appropriate and not unnecessarily complex laws and regulations. In order to remain competitive, the Dutch Chemical Industry and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have agreed to work together to strengthen the chemical clusters, a competitive regulatory framework and innovation. If we succeed here at Chemelot to create the right conditions, we stand for a shared, prosperous future for all site users, all parties that work with us and all the people who work there.

In order to fully exploit the growth opportunities, new companies for the Industrial Park are being actively acquired. This creates jobs, can support sustainability and can reduce the costs for current site users. Establishing new production requires space. At first there is sufficient space within the fences of the current site. New chemistry, pilot plants and new campus components can be housed here. The potential of the campus is greater. The scenarios for further growth are promising and contribute to a further pooling of forces in the chain of research, education, pilot plants and large-scale manufacturing industry.

The ambitions of Chemelot can be seen as an elaboration of current regional, national and European developments. Chemelot is a powerful national and even European example of how close cooperation as a chemical cluster can improve competitiveness. Chemelot wants to make an important contribution to realizing the climate objectives of the Netherlands. The current umbrella license fits within the philosophy of the new Environmental Act. It is crucial to have such an instrument in the future as well. The research and innovations at Chemelot also match seamlessly with themes in the new national research agenda. The vision offers opportunities to position South Limburg more powerfully and to be a region of national importance within the framework of the national environmental vision.