Sustainable innovations

Within chemistry, there are continual developments. Chemicals are improved, the production is different and more sustainable, waste chemicals will be reused, processes get greened. These are all ingredients for renewal, sustainability, progress and change. This, of course, also counts for Chemelot.

What do car parts, a coke bottle and a cycling shirt have in common? These are all examples of products that thank their existence to chemistry.  They show that the chemical industry is inseparable from our daily life. Both that life and the industry are changing at lightning speed.
By using new technologies and by knowing that we need to find new, more sustainable ways to reduce the CO2 emission, by working with vegetable residual flows instead of fossil raw materials, by adapting production processes and by making products completely recyclable. On our way to a circular economy.

These chemical renewals are in full process. But it could and should go faster. The accelerated switch to green processes and clean energy from wind and sun could give chemistry new wings. The developments that are needed for this switch, are developed  at Chemelot. The Campus stimulates this by building bridges between fundamental and scientific research and product and process innovations in companies. At Chemelot, there’s collaboration for daily processes, but also for opportunities to realize these in a sustainable way. Besides that, they work on possibilities to, for example, store green energy in chemicals. You could use them when wind and solar energy are not available. There are also waste-less chemical processes developed: with more sustainable materials and products like yield, lighter and better quality.

Chemelot is on road to become the most sustainable chemical site of Europe: for companies, educational and research institutions in chemicals and materials. A chemical cluster where more than 100 companies and organizations are already active and collaborate.

Due to the central position in Europe, people and parties are easy connected far beyond the region. Help develop sustainable innovations and actually apply on a large scale.