Our strength

The strength of Chemelot is the high degree of integration, the knowledge and expertise of the Campus, the factories and the site services. Chemelot distinguishes itself through its focus on chemicals, performance materials and sustainable materials for a very wide range of applications and markets. As a result, the factories at the Industrial Park and the pilot plants on the Campus can operate efficiently in the field of energy, raw materials and costs.

This high level of integration and synergy is unique and means that the companies at Chemelot produce competitively. Thanks to energy exchange and recycling, Chemelot is already one of the most sustainable chemical sites in Europe in 2018. At the same time, this interdependence also makes Chemelot vulnerable; we can only remain competitive if none of the factories close.

The combination of Industrial Park and Campus makes Chemelot rare in its kind. Companies such as SABIC, Arlanxeo and DSM develop sustainable products and materials in their research facilities. Think of anti-reflective coatings for solar panels and lightweight materials for the automotive industry. The Campus also houses a lively group of start-ups and (SME) companies, such as Flowid, Isobionics, Pharmacell and Xilloc. There are extensive R & D and pilot facilities for these (SME) companies.

The infrastructure at Chemelot is also unique. It has its own port (with excellent connection to neighboring seaports) and rail terminal, the chemical cluster is right next to the main road network and pipelines
Chemelot connect directly with Antwerp, Rotterdam and the Rhine-Ruhr area (the so-called ARRRA cluster).

Unique and relevant - given our strong integration - is that Chemelot has one common environmental permit for all site users. This umbrella license, which comprises around 60 partial permits, provides more flexibility in the distribution of the available environmental space (such as emissions and noise) across the site users and makes it easy and attractive for companies to establish themselves here. An important advantage for the government is that it only has one point of contact for the assessment and the sending of the permit. An integral part of this is the check of external safety. It is of crucial importance to us that we retain the properties of the umbrella license during the transition to the Environmental Act.