GGD (Municipal Health Services) advises about environment and health

GGD Zuid-Limburg advises municipalities, schools and corporations about how to limit and prevent health risks caused by environmental factors as much as possible.

Besides, the GGD contributes to new developments, like the construction of roads and business parks or the renovation of schools and residential areas.

The GGD is expert in the field of:

·         Soil-, air- and water pollution

·         Indoor environment of houses, schools and child daycare

·         Disturbance of the quality of life because of smell, sound and radiation

·         Hazardous substances like asbestos and pesticides

·         Acute environmental incidents

When an acute environmental incident occurs, the GGD advises emergency services immediately about possible risks to public health.

At companies and industry in our region, sometimes substances reach the residential areas. People in the area could be worried about the public health. Via the website of GGD Zuid-Limburg, you can find information about these substances.