What is Chemelot?

For years, chemistry has been a closed world and there has been little communication about what happened in chemical fields. But with the arrival of social media and the many communication possibilities, it is really time that the industry is more transparent.

And that also applies to the Chemelot site. Chemelot is much more than just the name of the large industrial complex around the intersection of the A2 and the A76. Some 8,000 people are currently working on the site and a multiple of these are connected to Chemelot as a supplier. From confectioner to cleaning company, from transporter to landscaping. In addition, it is important that people know what is happening on the ground, which activities take place and what happens when they are flocked and what is that intended for? And what comes from the big cooling towers.

Chemelot is working according to very strict safety requirements and the regulations and implementation are in good order. Because little is known about the location and the activities that take place there, it is also not surprising that local residents and interest groups ask questions about the ambitions that exist and their consequences on the environment.

Chemelot stands for a chemically oriented area of more than 800 hectares in South Limburg. The site is unique because of numerous elements: the central location in South Limburg, the good accessibility by rail, road, pipeline and airport, the presence of a large number of factories that are complementary, the umbrella license, the unique collaboration between factories, research and development and pilot plants. The site also offers a number of central facilities such as ultilities, fire brigade, maintenance, company emergency organization, infrastructure and regulations.

Chemelot is also the name of the organization that is the central counter for the industrial complex and campus, but also for potential residents of the site, the environment and the authorities. The organization is also very active in attracting new businesses, encouraging cooperation between companies and initiating contacts with the outside world

Facts & Figures