Chemelot in the environment

As an industrial site, Chemelot, we beleive it is important to inform the direct environment what happens at the industrial park and the campus. This is regarding new developments, but also when there are process disruptions or incidents, we inform the environment via our online channels.

Chemelot is much more than just the name of the large industrial complex around the intersection of the A2 and A76 in Geleen.

Chemelot stands for a chemically oriented community, where the exchange of ideas is central and where everything is available for new investments in research activities, innovative start-ups or chemical installations.

Chemelot is also the name of the organization that takes care of the central management of the industrial complex and the campus. The organization is also very active in attracting new businesses, encouraging cooperation between companies and initiating contacts with the outside world.

From a Chemelot point of view, we believe it is important to linform the immediate environment what happens on the industrial park and the campus that can be of interest to the people and businesses located nearby the site.  nearby.

You may wonder how we handle with safety rules, disruptions, incidents etc. You may want to know how the environment is informed. Or maybe you are curious about the various (construction) activities on the site. We try to inform you as good and complete as possible via our website and our social media channels. We are also actively involved in various local platforms and we are in regular contact with the close located municipalities and the Province of Limburg.

Watch the video to see what Chemelot does to prevent incidents.