Safety first!

As an industrial park, we are aware of our responsibility for safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees, for contractors and for our environment. That is why we always aim to avoid accidents and incidents. We are committed to maintaining health, safety and environmental requirements. To this end, the production processes have been set up in such a way that safety risks are reduced to an absolute minimum. 'Safety first' has been the credo for years at this location. It indicates that safety is our first priority.

How safety is taken care of on and around the Chemelot industrial park?

Chemelot has its own emergency organization. When there is an incident of another special occassion, this organization acts immediately. Among other things, Chemelot has its own fire brigade. With 100 firefighters it is the largest professional fire brigade in the South of the Netherlands.

Regular practices are done and in the last few years the emergency organization really had to take action a number of times.
Regional television channel L1 got a look behind the scenes in 2015 following a series of incidents.

Watch the video to get an impression how the emergency organization is organised.

safety at Chemelot

How is taken care of safety at industrial park Chemelot? 

Chemelot has its own emergency organization. This organization takes immediately action when needen. We do have our own fire brigade. With 100 fire fighters this is the largest professional fire bridage in the South of the Netherlands. Regular there are organised practices and during the last period the emergency organization had to take action. But there are much more reglements to take care of the safety of our employees and visitors at the site.