Emergency plan Chemelot

When an incident occurs at Chemelot, the Business Emergency Site Site Chemelot enters into force. This plan describes a system of technical and organizational facilities with the aim of limiting the consequences of a calamity as much as possible.

The company emergency plan contains guidelines for the personnel and other attendees on the company site and the job descriptions of the emergency services organizations that are involved in combating the consequences of a calamity. The plan describes the measures to be taken within the company site.

The Company Emergency Plan has a legal basis, which is based on:

  • Working Conditions Act
  • Working Conditions Decree
  • Decision on Major Accidents (BRZO)
  • Law safety regions (Bedrijfsbrandweerzorg).

Disaster control plan Chemelot

The internal company emergency plan must, among other things, be aimed at limiting and managing major incidents, accidents and protecting employees, citizens and the environment.

In addition, coordination must also take place between the internal (company emergency) emergency plan (measures that the company must take) and the disaster control plan drawn up by the mayor (measures outside the establishment, by the government).

It must also be indicated which measures the establishment will take in case of an emergency in order to guarantee (external) safety and to prevent or limit environmental damage. How the company emergency organization works can be seen in the above video.

Terror threat
In view of possible terrorist attacks, agreements have been made with the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTV), in close cooperation with the Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry (VNCI) and the local government. For more information: www.nctv.nl.