Chemelot wants to have a good relationship with the environment and wants to contribute to society. One of the ways we do this is through sponsoring.

We appreciate it when requests for sponsorship are clearly motivated, preferably with a budget and indicating total requested amount of the desired sponsorship. The application must also show which part of the activity relates to or has a link with activities that take place in the immediate environment of Chemelot.

From the idea of ​​wanting to be a good neighbour, we prefer sponsorship from the surrounding communities of Chemelot such as Sittard / Geleen, Stein, Beek, Echt / Susteren and Schinnen. And of course we appreciate it if the name and placement of the Chemelot logo is used.
To clarify which applications may or may not qualify for a sponsorship, we have drawn up a number of rules.

Development is always the first priority in our projects. In addition, we see a number of important principles for Chemelot that we want to contribute to. These points are for example;

  • a good neighbour (social involvement)
  • stimulating sustainability and innovation
  • promoting technical education and career
  • safety and Health

An organization can not qualify for support more than once a year; in principle, sponsorship will be given for a maximum of three consecutive years. Besides of that, we will have the right to decide not to donate to a project, even if it meets the criteria. In addition, we have a limited yearly budget available.