200 Young people discover jobopportunities offered by Chemelot and Brightlands

10 november 2017|News

Brightlands and Chemelot have more than 3,000 vacancies in the next ten years. Today more than 200 students from universities, colleges and vocational colleges in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany come to Chemelot and Brightlands Chemelot Campus during the Brightlands Chemelot Talent Day to discover the interesting study and career opportunities offered by the industrial park and the campus. Attention is also paid to Limburg as an attractive place to work and to live.

Study, research and work
At the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, scientists, students and entrepreneurs of different nationalities work together on the development and production of innovative, sustainable materials. Education, science and the market are directly connected to each other. Students use state-of-the-art facilities together with entrepreneurs and researchers. That makes the Brightlands Chemelot Campus an international, lively and challenging place to study and work. During the Talent Day, companies and institutions at the industrial park and the campus will show young people what opportunities there are in terms of training, scientific research and interesting jobs. Jobs today, but also the jobs of tomorrow. Chemelot and Brightlands have more than 3,000 vacancies in the next ten years. Jobs in the field of research, but also in production. Both for small start-ups and large multinationals.

Deputy Beurskens of the Province of Limburg (Economics & Knowledge Infrastructure) emphasizes the importance of the Brightlands Chemelot Talent Day: "It is an excellent opportunity for young talents to take knowledge and innovation at different levels and to think about their future. Chemelot and Brightlands offer these talents perspective. "

Good programme
During round table discussions, young people meet trainers, researchers and entrepreneurs who work at Chemelot or Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Companies and institutions present themselves on the Innovation market. Here you will also find all information about jobs and traineeships at the approximately 30 companies that are active in the industrial park. A bus tour, lab expericiences and a visit to the Brightlands Additive Manufacturing Center and DSM-Niaga give visitors a good idea of ​​the possibilities offered by the Chemelot industrial park and the Brightlands campus. Living in Limburg shows that Limburg is not only a challenging environment to study and work, but that it is also a nice place to live.

Encounters with students
Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL) and Maastricht University offer education in the field of natural sciences, in particular chemistry, at all levels - from MBO to academic. During interactive sessions students of these courses exchange their experiences.

The Brightlands Chemelot Talent Day is made possible by support from OP-Zuid, the European Union and the Province of Limburg.