new positioning Sitech

02 february 2018|News

Sitech Services is facing a new and challenging future. In a relatively short period of time, the former facility services provider of DSM has developed into an independent expert in the field of technological support and innovation within the process industry and other sectors. This turnaround will be visible from now on in a new ambition, a new look and new communication. With the first concrete expression the new website,

Sitech Services helps companies in the process industry, the chemical industry and the energy sector to grow and develop. By supporting them with unique services and the latest technologies, they can get the most out of their factory - in terms of performance and efficiency. Whether it's about optimum safety, a completely organized stop, ultimate process optimization or a more efficient infrastructure: Sitech Services uses expertise and innovation as tools to lead the way, so that customers can maintain their lead.

Working together on unique, high-tech solutions
In order to increase its knowledge and skills and further professionalise, Sitech Services works closely with customers and suppliers. Parties that, just like us, want to excel and want to get everything out of themselves. In addition, Sitech Services only uses the best people and equipment. All our more than 1,000 employees combine solid expertise with extensive involvement in every project. They think in unique high-tech solutions that demonstrate a clear vision of the future. It is their challenge to perform every day so that others get better.
This leads to optimal results for the customer, which is also reflected in our new claim: 'together we go for a maximum of more'.