Programme-director-general Omgevingswet Erik Jan van Kempen visits Chemelot

31 july 2018|News

On Thursday the 12th of July, Erik Jan van Kempen - Program-director-general Omgevingswet (environmental code), visited Chemelot. A morning in the sign of the pilot Omgevingswet ‘Praktijktest Chemelot’, the umbrella license, safety and inter-administrative collaboration. Van Kempen: “It’s good to see that the joint approach that the Omgevingswet intended works here in practice.”

Executive director Robert Claasen presented Chemelot to the broad delegation. They also visited the Alert & Care Center, in which the company emergency organization and the company fire department is located. The delegation members took place at the table and felt what it was like to do this during a crisissimulation. They felt how complex and unruliness of the work of the company emergency organization.

In advance of the end results of the pilot, it was for DG Van Kempen and his delegation good to see that the involved stakeholders chose for a joint approach. With that, this approach is in the spirit of the Omgevingswet. The pilot is the first step in the direction of implementation of the Omgevingswet in the involved province and municipalities. These parties already announced that they want to collaborate on the Omgevingsplan (environmental plan) and Omgevingsvisie (environmental vision) too.

Read more about the visit at the omgevingswetportaal (only in Dutch).