OCI Nitrogen and Re-N Technology develop biogas plant at Chemelot Sustainable production of biogas and fertilizer granules

01 december 2017|News

OCI Nitrogen, together with Re-N Technology, is developing a large-scale biogas plant at the Chemelot, Sittard-Geleen industrial estate. Re-N technology specializes in the development and exploitation of biogas plants. OCI Nitrogen is a customer of the biogas for the production of ammonia and fertilizer and supplies residual heat that is needed to run the biogas plant more efficiently

The project will be realized under the name Zitta® Biogas Chemelot. The biogas plant will make a major contribution to solving the manure surplus in the Netherlands. At the same time, the production process of OCI Nitrogen is preserved. This is entirely in line with the objectives set by the Dutch government in the new coalition agreement in the field of greenhouse gas emissions.

Full recycling
The plant processes manure that is converted into biogas, dried fertilizer grains and pure water. Thanks to the scale and the integrated approach, the installation is a sustainable solution for the manure problem in Limburg and beyond. It offers opportunities for livestock farmers, the fertilizer industry and the environment.
The pig manure is processed as fresh as possible, so that the environmental impact - by emission of methane and ammonia in the vicinity of farms - is minimized. The biogas production is therefore precisely maximized. The biogas is used for the fertilizer production of OCI Nitrogen. Residual flows are processed into organic fertilizer pellets. This makes all nutrients from the manure available in a concentrated form for agriculture. For example, 4.5 million kilos of phosphate is exported as dry fertilizer to countries that are concerned about phosphate. Approximately 2 million kilos of nitrogen are also captured and reprocessed into concentrated liquid fertilizer.

Smarter through integration with industry
The biogas plant will process approximately 700 kton tons of manure, with which 40 million cubic meters of biogas can be produced. This is equivalent to the natural gas consumption of 25,000 households, with which OCI Nitrogen lowers its CO2 footprint.

A major advantage of the Chemelot site is the availability of residual heat. Residual heat from factories of OCI Nitrogen is used for drying the digestate to organic fertilizer. This significantly improves the efficiency of the installation compared to conventional biogas installations.
Click for the infographic "How does Zitta® Biogas Chemelot work?".

Environmental permit
This initiative fits in perfectly with the new area vision Chemelot 2025 in which Chemelot wants to become the most competitive and sustainable chemical site in Western Europe. In doing so, all existing factories must make every effort to use less and smarter energy and to limit the emission of CO2. The Province of Limburg has now granted the environmental permit. Prior to this, this spring a delegation of local residents discussed the proposed project.

The feasibility depends, among other things, on the so-called Sustainable Energy Promotion (SDE +) of RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency). The plan is to have the biogas plant operational in 2020.

About OCI Nitrogen
OCI Nitrogen is one of the market leaders in nitrogen fertilizer in Europe and the largest producer of melamine worldwide. OCI Nitrogen fertilizer plays an essential role in improving agricultural productivity in order to support the increasing demand for food in the world. Melamine is used as a raw material for adhesives and resins in many applications such as furniture boards, laminate flooring, coatings and plastic services. OCI Nitrogen has the ambition to be the best performing company in both markets. The head office of OCI Nitrogen is located in Geleen (the Netherlands) and the production sites are located in the Netherlands and China.
OCI Nitrogen is part OCI N.V., listed as an AMX fund on the NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam. OCI NV is a worldwide producer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemicals with production sites in the United States, the Netherlands, Egypt, Algeria and China. OCI NV employs 3,000 people. The production capacity is approximately 7 million tons.

About Re-N Technology
Re-N Technology has more than 10 years experience with sustainable energy production through manure fermentation and mineral processing. The processes and the concept are continuously optimized, with Re-N Technology developing various environmental improvement technologies under the Zitta® brand, which has led to the development of the Zitta® Biogas concept. At their location in Sterksel, Re-N Technology operates the first Zitta® Biogas installation. Re-N Technology is responsible for the development, realization and operation of Zitta Biogas Chemelot.