Royal Haskoning DHV

Royal Haskoning DHV

We are an independent international engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in sustainable development and innovation. Our 6,000 colleagues, working from around 100 permanent offices in more than 30 countries on projects in some 150 countries, are committed to our promise to enhance society together.

We are driving positive change through innovation and technology, helping clients use resources more efficiently and creating solutions which connect with people to make their lives easier, happier and safer. We specialize in aviation, buildings, industry, energy, infrastructure, maritime, urban- and rural development and smart water. Royal HaskoningDHV's assignment on Chemelot is the management of all infrastructure and facilities outside the factory limits of the various chemical process-plants in the park. Royal HaskoningDHV (RHDHV) is responsible for maintaining the appropriate levels of maintenance and availability of the facilities, in such a manner that the chemical factories have ensured levels of service for profitable operations and production.

We are responsible for:

  • The supervision and compliance enforcement of the SHE regulations (Safety, Health & Environment) at the site, for all the infrastructure and facilities. This entails e.g. issuing working permits to contractors and suppliers, being point-of-entry for requests for information related to all infrastructure, facilities, planning, land-use.
  • Mapping & Registry.
  • The upkeep / maintenance of the following assets to the proper level of availability and safety for the service: sewerage, non-critical utilities including electricity and water installations, roads and parking lots, greenery on and outside the Chemelot site, paving, contractor shed parks, harbour, rail, pipe racks, bridges and civil structures.
  • The management of the soil and subsoil streams for as low a cost as possible, taking the current Plan of Approach for the entire location into account.

ISO 55001 certificate
ISO 55001 makes asset management transparent and verifiable, exactly what's necessary in this changing economy. The ISO 55001 certificate achieved by our organization for our asset management activities at Chemelot demonstrates that Royal HaskoningDHV is capable of setting up and managing an asset management organization, with the owners' interests as basic principle. In other words, clear risk management and optimal Life Cycle Management run from established Service Levels and Key Performance Indicators based on the client's interests and strategy.