We’re focused on your company’s operational continuity, safety and reliability – 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Because NEWES knows that a shutdown immediately affects your operational results. We specialise in assessment, maintenance, repair, improvement and inspection of all hot mechanical industrial installations such as: boilers, piping systems, furnaces and ovens – both new and used. We do all of this in accordance with the latest legislation (PED Directives) and with the most up-to-date and applicable norms and calculation methods.  Often we do things a little differently, because we are  always looking for the challenge of developing smarter, non-traditional and more sustainable solutions to existing and new problems.

This includes offering advice on how to avoid them. NEWES strength is its creative engineers, who combine their up-to-date technical knowledge with more than 150 years of experience within NEWES. The passion and innovative strength of these ‘young dogs’ will keep your company going full steam ahead both day and night, and at a realistic price.

NEWES a young company with a rich history
NEWES is a young company with a rich history resulting from the merger of, among others, Stork Energy Services and NEM Schelde Services. The complete history of these companies’ original technical specifications and maintenance instructions for their steam boilers, as well as those of Backer and Rueb, are all stored in our complete database. We understand all possible damage mechanisms and current modifications. That’s important, because boiler damage is rarely an independent process, so our expertise works directly to your advantage.  

Fast and direct cooperation
At NEWES we like short lines and quick response times. With us you have a single, dedicated project manager for all on-going cases. Should an emergency situation arise (unplanned stops) our dedicated NEWES service coordinator will immediately take action, no matter what day, no matter what time. This level of customer service is fully in line with our mission to keep your plants continuously operational!