Borealis Plastomers

The Dutch production facility of Borealis is located at Chemelot Industrial Park in Sittard-Gelen. Borealis Plastomers V.O.F was taken over by and integrated into the Borealis Group in 2013. Originally, it was a 50/50 joint venture between DSM Plastomers B.V. and Exxon Chemical Holland Ventures B.V.

With approximately 100 employees, the site produces metallocene plastomers and special Ziegler-Natta linear low density polyethylenes with 2 production lines. These metallocene plastomers are special low density ethylene copolymers that offer advantages in various applications such as flexibility and heat sealing properties or impact modifier properties. They are used in a large and growing number of applications around the world. The linear low density polyethylenes have a proven history in high quality films and other applications. The total capacity of both plants is 120 kilotons on an annual basis.