BAM Civiel Zuidoost

BAM Civiel Zuidoost, the regional branch of the nationally operating company BAM Civiel BV, specializes in concrete and industrial construction. The organization develops optimal solutions by empathizing with the client's problems and combining this with thorough knowledge of building. This is expressed, among other things, by the extensive experience with regard to the renovation or new construction of industrial complexes.

BAM Civiel Zuidoost has personnel who are used to working under special safety conditions and company regulations. Thinking along, indenting on unexpected developments, flexibility, quality and personal involvement are some of the important issues that are of paramount importance to the company - however, all matters subordinate to the highest good: 'safe working'.

BAM Civiel Zuidoost has been a contract partner at Chemelot for more than 35 years, carrying out all civil / construction work with a group of around 15 own professionals (supported by an experienced team of project manager and contractor).