Repositioning Chemelot strenghtens ambitous vision

25 january 2018|News

In order to further strengthen the ambitious vision of the future and repositioning the organization, Chemelot is now recognizable from a new look with a new logo.
The new house style will be rolled out during the coming period.

A year and a half after the presentation of the Chemelot 2025 vision, the chemistry and materials community Chemelot has taken major steps to grow into the most competitive and sustainable site in Western Europe. Some 8000 people are currently working in the field at the 150 organizations. Based on the plans from the vision, the number of employees is expected to increase to more than the next few years

Chemelot is the chemical and materials community in the south of the Netherlands. Chemelot is a magnet for talent, from students and PhDs to researchers, operators, engineers and specialists. The 150 companies and institutions at Chemelot generate an annual turnover of 10 billion Euros and their business is focused on further growth. It is nice to see that the Chemelot 2025 vision is already paying off its first fruits.

Together with a number of large site users, Chemelot has defined a new positioning. This is based on the following four pillars:

  • Responsible
  • Progressive
  • Together
  • and Transparent.

Partly from the underlying idea and research in both the region and nationally, the name recognition and reputation of Chemelot, these form the basis of the repositioning of Chemelot with a recognizable new logo.
Research has also shown that there is a need for more and clearer information about the activities taking place on the site. With the choice of a new logo, Chemelot gives an impulse to the visibility of the organization in the area, but also regionally, nationally and even abroad. The unique location, where R & D and production go hand in hand for almost a hundred years, plays an important, binding role in the new positioning. The new house style and a new logo underline the repositioning of the Chemelot site.

Ambition to grow
Robert Claasen: "For the continuity and further expansion of our activities it is important that we give further shape and content to the further growth of our organization. The new logo and the associated values ​​are recognizable and characteristic of Chemelot as a site, the established companies on the campus and on the industrial park and also for the employees working on the site.
are employed."

Claasen is convinced that customers and other relations, wherever they are, recognize themselves in the values: "Our clients must be able to count on the services Chemelot provides. By bringing parties together and building bridges, connecting professionals, employees, governments, partners and customers, they can share their talents, experiences, knowledge and ideas. This cooperation results in
innovative, pragmatic solutions, which certainly contribute to the further responsible growth of the entire site and stability for the companies present, employees, but also local residents. In addition, it is important that there is a clear counter where organizations and local residents can go.