Safety guaranteed at Intertek Polychemlab

21 february 2018|News

Safety advisor helps with dealing with hazardous substances
Every company that works with hazardous substances is obliged to comply with certain rules. Some companies have their own safety advisor for this, but many companies work with an external advisor. This includes Intertek, a company that offers test, inspection and certification services.

In the area of hazardous substances, new laws and regulations follow each other in rapid succession, while the daily transport and storage of hazardous substances must be constantly under control.
If as a company you do not always have that changing knowledge and experience at home, it is nice to be able to fall back on an external party that does. Thei Coelen, expert FS Logistics at Intertek, located at Chemelot in Geleen, makes use of Pascal Smetsers, policy and security advisor at evofenedex, where necessary.