Vision Chemelot 2025 on track

15 september 2017|News

The starry sky above Chemelot becomes visible again because of the replacement of 17,000 lamps with energy-efficient LED lighting, the acquisition team is in full discussion with a wide range of companies and the Chemelot communication team is also working hard. Sekisui S-Lec establishes the European research center at Chemelot, Sabic has built a polypropylene pilot plant on the Campus and DSM opened the ultramodern Solar Technology Laboratory. And we are working hard on the Chemelot Career Center. One year after the presentation of the Chemelot 2025 vision, the chemical and materials community Chemelot has made great strides to grow into the most competitive and sustainable site in Western Europe

Robert Claasen, Executive Director of Chemelot: "Chemelot is the chemical and materials community in the south of the Netherlands. More than 7000 people work at Chemelot, in a few years there will probably be about 10,000. Chemelot is a magnet for talent, from students and PhDs to researchers, operators, engineers and specialists. The 150 companies and institutions at Chemelot generate an annual turnover of 10 billion Euros and their business is focused on further growth. It is nice to see that the Chemelot 2025 vision is already paying off its first fruits. We continue to follow and accelerate that path to fulfill the ambition to make Chemelot the most competitive and sustainable site in Western Europe. "

Below is a brief overview of the current state of affairs regarding some action points from the vision document.
The communication team is on strength. At the moment we are working on a new Chemelot website, research has been done and the team is taking stock of the specific communication needs of the various stakeholders and the conditions for a modern and transparent site and environmental communication are being further implemented and rolled out
The feasibility study for the Brightlands Sustainable Technologies Center will be completed later this year.
The Chemelot acquisition team - for both the Campus and the Industrial Park - is actively engaged in discussions with parties.

A close collaboration has been realized between the Brightlands Chemelot Campus and the companies on the site in the 'Brightlands Innovation Factory'. This initiative facilitates an even closer cooperation between the Brightlands Chemelot Campus and the companies on the site to further strengthen each other's competences.
The Chemelot Career Center was established and the various HR parts of companies at Chemelot have joined forces to find the right employees for the right job and to offer talented employees a great career at Chemelot, both in one company and between companies. between themselves. A number of initiatives are now structurally aligned, picked up and realized, such as a talent day in the autumn and mediation for filling vacancies.
The sustainability agenda has the full attention and is elaborated on the basis of various projects, such as Het Groene Net.

The development vision of the campus to continue to grow as indicated in the vision is in the making and the first part (economic analysis) has been discussed several times with the environment. The possibilities are now being investigated and this is being further developed for November 2017.

About Chemelot
Chemelot offers direct employment to more than 7000 employees with 60 nationalities and a minimum number of indirect employment opportunities. Partly due to the development of the Chemelot 2025 vision, direct employment at Chemelot will grow from more than 7,000 in 2017 to more than 10,000 employees in 2025.

The activities at Chemelot generate a turnover of more than 10 billion euros per year.
Chemelot accounts for about 20% of the chemical sector in the Netherlands.
Chemelot is one of the top 5 chemical clusters in the Netherlands.
The Netherlands is the number three chemical producer in Europe.
Every year an amount of 200 million euros is invested on the Chemelot site by the companies present. These investments relate, among other things, to the maintenance of existing and application of new techniques within the factories to enable processes to be organized in a more sustainable and efficient manner.

The high degree of integration and synergy at Chemelot, the knowledge and expertise of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, the factories and the site services, is unique in Europe. This allows the factories on the Industrial Park as well as the pilot plants on the campus to operate efficiently in the areas of raw materials, energy and costs and competitive production. The entire chain, from R & D, education, pilot and demo plants and large-scale manufacturing industry is located in one area.

The Chemelot site is the combination of the industrial chemistry park and the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. At the Chemelot Industrial Park there are now almost 150 companies, including multinationals such as ARLANXEO, AnQore, Borealis, DSM, Fibrant, OCI Nitrogen and SABIC. The Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a fast growing open innovation campus with a focus on sustainable materials and processes.

The total site Chemelot comprises 800 hectares of land in South Limburg (about 1500 football fields).
On the site there is a road network with a length of 50 km and 60 km of rail tracks. There is also a private port on the site.