Chemelot to the future

We can do a lot at Chemelot, but not everything. There are some boundary conditions that need to be filled in. The enormous challenge we have together, also asks for the input of the government. To make the greening towards 2050 possible, we ask for these things:

  1. An equal playing field
    The chemical sector is a sector that operates on a world scale and competes with players from all kinds of countries.
  2. Direction on infrastructure
    From the government, we expect a directing role concerning the ‘new’ energy infrastructure.
  3. Regulations
    Laws- and regulations can be inhibitory for the energy transition.
  4. The right incentives
    To work on CO2-reduction, it is important to build in the right (financial) incentives.
  5. Use the location
    To realize the intended CO2-reduction, we should maximum connect companies.
  6. Magnet for talent
    To achieve ambitions, talent is needed.