Sustainable & innovative

New developments take place within the chemical industry. Chemicals are being improved, production is done differently and more sustainably, residues are reused, processes are being greened. They are all ingredients for innovation, sustainability, progress and change. This also applies, of course, to Chemelot. Below are a number of innovative projects at Chemelot both at the Industrial Park and at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

What do car parts, a Coke bottle and that cycling jersey have in common? These are examples of products that owe their existence to chemistry. They show that the chemical industry is an inseparable part of our daily lives. And both that life and that industry are changing at lightning speed. Through new technology and the realization that we as humans need to find new, more sustainable ways to reduce the burden on the earth. Chemistry can play a major role in this. For example by drastically reducing CO2 emissions. But also by working with plant residual flows instead of fossil raw materials. By adjusting production processes. And by making products fully recyclable. Towards a circular economy.

Such innovations in chemistry are already in full swing. But it can and must be faster. The accelerated switch to green processes and clean energy from wind and sun can give new wings to chemistry. The developments that are necessary for this are realized here at Chemelot. The campus encourages this by building bridges between fundamental scientific research and product and process innovations in companies. Chemelot is a large collection where knowledge and products come together, where the best minds of university and business meet and work together. Aided and motivated by a fast growing population of smart students, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and employees with a lot of knowledge and experience, who are brought together and supported at the start of their company. In this way we work together on the daily processes, but also on opportunities to realize these in a more sustainable way. And we are also working on ways to store green energy in chemicals, for example, so that you can use it when the wind and the sun break down. And more chemical processes without waste are developed. With sustainable materials and products as yield, lighter and better in quality. Developed at Chemelot that, at least within Europe, wants to be excellent in the link between sustainability and chemistry.

Can we do that from Sittard-Geleen? Hell yes! Chemelot is fast becoming the most sustainable and chemical site in Europe, for companies, educational and research organizations in chemistry and materials, A chemical cluster where more than 100 companies and organizations are active and cooperate. With this, Chemelot is building on the unique location for Europe where R & D and production have been very successfully connected for almost a hundred years.

Thanks to its central location, people and parties can easily connect with each other far beyond the region. To help develop sustainable innovations and actually apply them on a large scale. Not only the people and the environment benefit from this, but also the chemical industry itself. If that industry wants to keep running from Europe, it is important to start writing capital letters from now on. Discover the world of Chemelot. Are you in?