The Site Rules Chemelot Site regard all Site Users and firms operating on the Chemelot site. Each Site User has to investigate what parts of the Site Rules apply to the activities of the Site User, and he has to ensure that own personnel and personnel of firms that are involved by the Site User know the parts of Site Rules relevant to them and that they will comply with these.

In addition to the Site Rules a number of Best Practices is available (in Dutch). The status of these is advice, from which deviations can be made without notice.

Basic Site Rules


Site Access Instruction and Plant Safety Instruction

With the instructions we contribute to ongoing safety improvement on the Chemelot Site.

Site Access Instruction

The Site Access Instruction comprises a digital presentation with information that is important for being granted access to the Chemelot Site and for enhancing safety.

After the presentation a test is to be taken to ensure that the information is properly absorbed and that the site can safely be entered. When the test is passed successfully, access authorization is granted, which is valid for three years for staff of Chemelot-based plants and main contractors, while the validity is one year for non-main contractors. Daily passes are issued to visitors for the duration of their visit.

Where can the site access instruction session be attended?

The locations where the site access instruction session can be attended have remained unchanged: Gates 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 and through Chemelot’s Central Company Passes Desk at Gate 5. Staff of companies on the site and main contractors can also attend in-house instruction sessions after having received a personal invitation by email.

Uniform Plant Safety Instruction

Chemelot has a uniform plant safety instruction. Supplementing the site access instruction, this instruction is mandatory for anyone who enters a plant without being supervised.
The new plant safety instruction covers the general regulations and safety rules for all plants. In the form of a presentation it discusses subjects like work permits, dangerous substances and situations, personal protective equipment and what to do in case of an alarm.

After the presentation a test is taken to ensure that the information is properly absorbed and the plant can safely be accessed. Upon a successful test, a plant safety certificate is issued that has a term of validity of one year (for external company staff, non-main contractors) or three years (for Chemelot and main contractor staff).

How can the new plant safety instruction sessions be attended?

  • Main contractor staff: in-house, checked by authorized persons
  • Staff of Chemelot-based companies: in-house
  • Non-main contractor staff and external company staff: at Chemelot, Park Services/ ACC location, in the instruction room, with advance notification via


  • Handout Site Access Instruction ( NL / EN / DE / FR )
  • Plant Safety Instruction ( NL / EN )  

LMRA (Laatste Minuut Risico Analyse)

Algemene informatie

Only in Dutch available:

LMRA (Laatste Minuut Risico Analyse) is een korte risicobeoordeling welke uitgevoerd wordt direct voor aanvang van de werkzaamheden op de werkplek door de medewerkers die de werkzaamheden gaan uitvoeren..

Doel van de LMRA is dat medewerkers op de werkplek nagaan of alle  (potentiële) veiligheids-, gezondheids- en milieurisico’s zijn onderkend en of afdoende beheersmaatregelen zijn getroffen om zodoende ongevallen te voorkomen (‘bezint eer ge begint’).

De LMRA wordt uitgevoerd middels het doorlopen van een checklist met vragen, de zogenaamde LMRA-kaart.

Indien een LMRA uitwijst dat er sprake is van risico’s bij het uitvoeren van de geplande werkzaamheden, wordt pas gestart met het uitvoeren van deze werkzaamheden nadat m.b.t. deze risico’s afdoende beheersmaatregelen zijn getroffen.

De bij de uitvoering van een karwei betrokken medewerkers dienen een LMRA instructie Chemelot te hebben gevolgd, aantoonbaar middels een registratie in het persoonlijk opleidingsdossier van de medewerker en / of een stempel in het veiligheidspaspoort of op de  fabriekskaart.

Zie ook de Site Regelgeving Chemelot Site, paragraaf 5.6.

  • LMRA-kaart Chemelot ( NL / EN / DE / FR / PL / PT )
  • LMRA-kaart EdeA / Sekisui ( NL-EN / NL-DE )
  • LMRA-instructie ( NL / EN / DE )
  • LMRA-coachvragen( NL )

Life Saving Rules Chemelot

Working in the process industry involves all kinds of risks. This requires clear rules, rules that help us to do our work safely. The 12 Life Saving Rules have been defined for the Chemelot site and are of interest to all.

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Supplementary Rules (issued by Site Users)

Supplementary Rules SABIC Geleen
Brightlands Chemelot Campus

The objective of the Supplementary Rules & Regulations SABIC Geleen is to establish unambiguously the rules that apply to the SABIC site in addition to the Site Rules that apply to the Chemelot site as a whole.

The Supplementary Rules & Regulations SABIC Geleen apply to anyone working on the SABIC site. Some topics may be dealt with in both set of rules; for the sake of completeness we refer to the Site Rules Chemelot Site.

Click for the Supplementary Rules & Regulations SABIC Geleen.

The Regulations Brightlands Chemelot Campus specifically concern Brightlands Chemelot Campus.