Chemelot Industrial Park

In 2012 work began on the construction of the Railterminal Chemelot, a consortium of Meulenberg Transport, Ewals Intermodal and the Port of Antwerp. This container terminal will be realized at the Industrial Park and will contribute substantially to the 'modal shift' from truck to rail, thereby relieving car traffic in the region. This public terminal is mainly used by SABIC and DSM.

In 2012, Chemelot Industrial Park also started the construction of a new DSM Fiber Intermediates plant for sulfuric acid ammonia. This factory was completed in mid-2014 and will replace an outdated factory for this fertilizer.
In 2013, DEXPlastomers, a joint venture of DSM and Exxon Chemical, was taken over by the Borealis Group under the name Borealis Plastomers.

Chemelot Campus B.V.

The goal of Chemelot Campus B.V. is to develop the campus into the Euregional and international location for companies, educational and research organizations in 'advanced and sustainable chemistry and smart materials'.

The focus is on four areas:

  • performance materials,
  • biomedical materials,
  • sustainable chemistry and related process technology
  • 3D printing

Chemelot in the 21st century

The history of Chemelot - until 2000 almost exclusively a history of DSM - is from that moment on a history of many companies

In 2013, the Chemelot site will comprise the Industrial Park and the Campus. At the Industrial Park there are currently two naphtacrackers (Olefins 3 and 4) and the SABIC polymerization plants. OCI Nitrogen is present with two ammonia factories, three nitric acid factories, a fertilizer factory and a melamine factory. DSM will have a caprolactam plant, an acrylonitrile plant and a performance plastics factory (Stanyl) at the Industrial Park this year.
LANXESS has a synthetic rubber factory (EPDM) and Sekisui S-Lec a relatively new resins factory (PVB). DEXPlastomers (plastomers), INEOS ChlorVinyls (PVC), Polyscope Polymers (SMA) and Carbolim (carbon dioxide) complete the enumeration of large-scale chemical production at the site.

To support this, there are the company fire brigades, the security, the Swentibold combined heat and power plant, steam plants, roads, railways, columns, sewers and the wastewater treatment plant. The Chemelot site is an integrated area where (residual) flows between factories are exchanged.

About 1,200 knowledge workers work on the Chemelot Campus to develop new products, product applications and production processes, plus to provide education in chemistry.
Since 2005, dozens of new companies in the field of research, development and production have been located at Chemelot, attracted by the available expertise, facilities, utilities and permits.
In addition, dozens of new service providers established new and existing companies in their business operations.