BAM Wegen Zuidoost

BAM Wegen Region Zuidoost realizes sustainable infrastructure. The entire process from design to realization and subsequent long-term maintenance falls within the core activities of BAM Wegen Region Zuidoost. In all our activities we are aware of our social responsibility.

BAM Wegen Region Southeast, the core activities:
BAM Wegen Region Zuidoost has more than 200 employees in South-East Brabant and Limburg. With offices in Helmond and Beek and asphalt plants in Helmond and Stein, we are regionally located close to our customers.

We offer added value in the preliminary process of projects by developing an integral vision in which the identification of risks and social aspects such as mobility and particulate matter play an important role. Applying a proactive customer approach and introducing creative and innovative solutions will accelerate the planning process and lead to lower total costs. We aim to unburden the customer as much as possible.

Our activities include the application of company pavements, the construction and residential preparation of both residential and industrial locations, the reconstruction and construction of (car) roads, bicycle and footpaths, which also includes long-term maintenance. In addition to the construction of various asphalt pavements, we specialize in the construction of concrete roads and associated concrete constructions.

Our clients are in both the public and the private sector, the assignments vary from small to large scale and from relatively simple to very complex. If desired, we are prepared to develop proposals on our own initiative to improve accessibility, mobility and road safety. Through efficient and effective cooperation with our sister companies, we are able to make optimal use of the synergies in the realization of multidisciplinary projects.