Best Practices

Chemelot Best Practices

Each company has its own reasons for establishing itself at Chemelot, whether it is the open innovation culture, the good facilities and infrastructure or the specialist knowledge. Read below some experiences from companies that are located at Chemelot.

Basic Pharma
The Basic Pharma Group is an independent pharmaceutical company that develops, produces and registers medicines. Since its founding in 2003, the organization has followed an impressive growth path in which the move to Chemelot in 2007 was a logical step. The business units work together intensively: one door further and a world of knowledge and expertise is available. The same atmosphere of open innovation and shared know-how can be felt at Chemelot. That makes Chemelot an environment in which Basic Pharma thrives.

DSM Dyneema
Dyneema® from DSM is a unique polyethylene fiber that combines maximum strength with minimal weight. Although the factories are located in the United States and Heerlen (NL), DSM Dyneema likes to use the specialist knowledge at Chemelot. The fiber was developed around 1960 in the DSM laboratory on the Campus. Nowadays, DSM Dyneema regularly engages researchers who help the organization to further sharpen the production process. They also conduct research on the basis of which DSM Dyneema's own RT&D department is better able to develop new products or to improve the properties of existing products.

SABIC is one of the largest players on the petrochemical market. When the company was given the opportunity to take over a number of DSM factories years ago, the location at Chemelot played a decisive role. Thanks to the extensive infrastructure, both the supply of raw materials and the transport of the products made are fast and smooth. The sharing of facility services, such as security, fire brigade and the joint purchase of energy, also played a role in the decision.

The last important factor was the innovative culture: although SABIC has its own research department at Chemelot, the company benefits from the general knowledge and equipment of other organizations within the Chemelot community, for example when it comes to further process improvement.

Sekisui S-Lec
Sekisui S-Lec produces polyvinyl butryal film (PVB film). This interlayer film or foil is used, among other things, in laminated (safety) glass within the automotive industry. Since the end of 2006 the resin production takes place from the new ER100 plant of Sekisui S-Lec at Chemelot. The choice for Chemelot was made after an extensive search through Europe to find a suitable open location. The professional extensive infrastructure of Chemelot was the decisive factor in this. In addition, the company uses the analysis lab on Chemelot for specific research questions. And where necessary, the company purchases chemicals from DSM.

Stanyl is a 'high-performance' polyamide 46 with some unique features. This makes the DSM product extremely suitable for applications where high (peak) temperatures occur, such as car parts. Stanyl is produced at Chemelot and further processed in compound factories around the world. The good infrastructure around Chemelot (network of car, rail and waterways) ensures that these factories can count on a continuous influx of the Stanyl granules.

For the development of the product, the research facilities at Chemelot are important. Thanks to the reliable utilities (power supply, waste water treatment, etc.) and expert and committed (company) employees within the community, DSM Stanyl is able to produce a top quality product at low cost.