Introducing... Gydo Ritzen

My name is Gydo Ritzen and I work at SABIC as a Rotating Asset Engineer. After a traineeship, I am working on (long-term) maintenance.

This means work related to, for example, replacing parts, repairing, overhauling etc. Once every six months small maintenance (mini turnarounds) takes place per factory. I also support large turnarounds. After I completed the mechanical engineering program at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, I opted for a traineeship at SABIC.

The combination of courses for two years, really appealed to me. Analyzing and solving technical issues fascinates me enormously. A lot of things have to be sorted out before you can make a good analysis of the problem and have a right solution . Questioning and analyzing exactly what is going on is therefore very important. Reading thoroughly through the log and finding out what exactly happened helps with this. So patience, critical viewing and thorough questioning are important. During my studies, I did an internship at various types of companies such as an construction company, an iron foundry and a packaging company. I wanted to go further in technology and for that reason I chose SABIC. I want to continue to grow in the technical field and my knowledge. What I am proud of, for example, is that we have succeeded in discovering a sealing problem of a hydrogen compressor. This seal turned out not to seal well after a relatively short period. In the end it turned out that the solution was to have another seal made that could withstand higher pressures and better seal. This new seal has been installed this spring and everything is going well for now. If that succeeds, that is obviously a great achievement. I am fascinated by technology, SABIC offers plenty of opportunities for me to develop. And when you choose the technical side, my advice is to do an internship at different types of companies so that you get a good idea and then do a traineeship so that you can gain experience in different departments.