How far do you want to come?

More than 50 companies that develop together, that is the ideal environment for your personal development. At Chemelot it is not the question whether you can work and learn, but how you prefer to do it. You determine the pace in consultation with your employer, how high you set the bar is up to you. It is certain that there is ample room for both MBO and HBO graduates and academics. Choose a suitable entry level and accelerate your career.

Working and learning
There is no better place to start your career or to give it a boost than at Chemelot. You can fully use your qualities here and you continue to invest in yourself. In a high-tech environment, you are simply expected to keep your knowledge up to date. So keep educating, that is possible through courses or part-time courses. But you also learn continuously in practice, for example by actively participating in various projects. Working and learning go hand in hand here and that will keep your entire career. And that applies to all levels from start and internship, MBO, HBO and WO.

Do you like it? Take a look at the Chemelot Career Center and discover what options are available for you!