How much do you want to grow?

More than 150 companies that research, develop and produce together, that is the ideal environment for your personal development. At Chemelot, it is not the question whether you can work and learn, but how you prefer to do it. You determine the pace in consultation with your employer, how high you set the bar is up to you. It is certain that there is room enough for both Intermediate Vocational Education and Higher Vocational Education graduates and university academics. Choose a suitable entry level and accelerate your career.

Intermediate Vocational Education
Do you have an Intermediate Vocational Education diploma or do you currently work at Intermediate Vocational Education level? Then a world opens for you at Chemelot. To start, there is always a demand for process operators. Do you dare to operate of one of the largest plants in the Netherlands? There are also plenty of opportunities for Intermediate Vocational Education students with a mechanical, electrical or technical installation background. And do not forget: all those companies at Chemelot also need employees in other fields. There are regular vacancies for Intermediate Vocational Education jobs in finance, purchasing, ICT, HR, safety and the environment.

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Higher Vocational Education
Chemelot produces what clever minds around the world discover. The bridge from innovation to production is an incredible challenge. And once the process is running, the question remains: how can we be better, faster, cleaner and safer? For chemists or chemical technologists at higher professional education level, hardly anything is more beautiful. Working at Chemelot is working at the highest level in process engineering on a scale that hardly has an equal. This also applies to engineers with a background in mechanical engineering, electro, installation and materials science. And how about challenges at higher professional level for marketeers, HR managers and financial specialists?

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University academics
A lot of the companies at Chemelot are international top players. This is the Champions League of the process industry. In key positions, academics are needed with in-depth professional knowledge. Think of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists and professionals with a background in international business administration. Many people with a university degree pass on to management level at Chemelot. Within an international company, there are hardly any limits to how far you can go. National borders certainly do not count here.

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