Process Safety Conference

On 12 May 2021, the conference Process Safety will be organised by the VNCI. The aim of the conference is to improve the safety culture at companies by sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

As in previous years, Rosienne Steensma, senior policy officer Energy & Climate, Environment and Process Safety at VNCI, is one of the session leaders. As a VNCI member you also benefit from a reduced participation fee.

The programme includes three interesting keynote speakers:

  • Mike Johnson is an expert in gas cloud explosions and he studied the Jaipur & Buncefield incidents. He will tell more about it during the conference.
  • Adam Higginbotham did research on the Chernobyl incident. He spoke to the key people involved in the incident, which turned into the world's biggest industrial disaster.
  • Victor Roggeveen has been involved with oil and gas since the 1970s. He recently obtained his PhD on the subject of 'The influence of leaders' behaviour on safety performance'.

More information about this conference can be found on the website.