Mini-Symposium on Substances

The Minisymposium on Substances (Dutch Event) will be organised on Wednesday 21 April from 13.15 to 17.00 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment together with VNO-NCW, VNCI and WECF. The chairman of this edition is Kees Hoppener, deputy director of the Environmental Safety and Environmental Risks Directorate at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

This year's theme is the Safety Data Sheet and the opportunities and bottlenecks it offers for working healthily with substances. The speakers will address this theme from various angles.

Practical experiences with the MSDS will be discussed. Furthermore, the function of the Knowledge Platform for Knowledge Sharing with tools such as MSDS will be discussed. Communication in the supply chain is central and opportunities and bottlenecks are highlighted. During the panel discussion, symposium participants are invited to discuss these issues.

Registration is possible before 1 April 2021 via:


13.15 - Drop-in                       

13.30 - Opening by Kees Hoppener followed by four presentations:

Knowledge platform for knowledge sharing with tools such as the MSDS, by Jurgen Mook and Rokus Renirie, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Communication in the supply chain and the role of the safety data sheet, by Erwin Annys, ECHA

Use of SDSs on the Workplace, by Wim van Veelen, FNV

Comments on SDS: practical experiences, by Rosienne Steensma, Royal VNCI

15.10 PM - Break |During the break, questions may be submitted based on the presentations given. After the break, the chairman will put questions to the panel consisting of the four speakers. Questions can also be added after the break.

15.30 - Panel discussion | A panel discussion will take place with the speakers and the audience in the room about the questions asked and the possibilities for improvement of the knowledge sharing system and tools such as the VIB. The participants' suggestions are collected by SZW and RIVM.

16.30 - Walk-out and opportunity for networking