Cymaco Nederland BV is specialized in the inspection and refurbishment of acetylene gas cylinders and cylinder bundles.

Just like the technical inspection of motor vehicles, gas cylinders are to be inspected as determined in the local, European (EN-) or international (ISO-) standards that are in force. The cylinder inspection consists in a thorough external visual examination, an inspection of the porous mass inside the gas cylinder and an operational check-up of the valves and various cylinder accessories. All these tests are necessary to guarantee a safe use of the gas cylinders or the cylinder bundles.

Upon customer’s demand, the gas cylinders can be refurbished as well. Examples of these activities are external shot blasting and painting of the cylinders and valve protection caps, inspection and rebuilding of acetylene bundles, replacement of cylinder valves, etc…

Cymaco Nederland BV is ISO 9001 certified and holds various delegations, including the delegation for gas cylinder and bundle retesting in accordance with the “Transportable Pressurized Equipment Directive”, and homologation, under which the approval for the inspection of acetylene cylinders according the regulations of the “United States Department of Transportation”.

The Belgian sister company Cymaco NV takes care of the retesting and refurbishment of high pressure gas (e.g. oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, noble gases, …) and low pressure (e.g. refrigerants, …) gas cylinders. Retesting of these cylinders require, besides an external and internal visual inspection, an hydraulic or ultrasonic test. Extra activities for these cylinders are for example internal shot blasting, chemical cleaning or special drying techniques for medical or specialty gases.

Both companies are operating with the best available techniques, always in view of safety, environmental care and quality.

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