OCI Nitrogen

OCI Nitrogen ranks among the market leaders in Europe in the field of nitrogen fertilizers and is the world's largest producer of melamine. OCI Nitrogen's fertilizers play an essential role in improving agricultural productivity and thus supporting the increasing global demand for food. Melamine is used as a raw material for adhesives and resins in numerous applications such as boards, laminate flooring, coatings and tableware. OCI Nitrogen aims to become the top performing company in both markets. The head office of OCI Nitrogen is in Geleen (the Netherlands), with production sites being located in the Netherlands and China.

OCI Nitrogen is part of OCI NV, listed as a AEX fund on the NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. OCI NV is a global producer of mineral fertilizers and chemicals with production sites in the United States, the Netherlands, Egypt, Algeria and China. OCI employs 3,000 people. The production capacity is around 7 million tonnes.

OCI Nitrogen B.V.
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