AAFM Facility Management

AAFM Facility Management develops and implements integrated facilities concepts. We can take all your responsibilities relating to facility management off your hands. Since it was founded in 2002, AAFM has grown and become the leading player on the Integrated Facility Management market in the Netherlands. We have 300 professionals who spend their time at work serving a wide range of customers within the public and private sectors. As of January 1st 2015, AAFM has expanded its services with consultancy. AAFM is an independent subsidiary of the ADG services group.
Check our website for more information: www.aa-fm.com.

AAFM Facility Management B.V.
Kerenshofweg 200, 6167 AE Geleen
Postbus 604, 6160 AP  Geleen
Service Desk:+ 31 (0)46 476 0000
E. servicedeskchemelot@aa-fm.com
I. www.aa-fm.com