Wessem Port Services Group

Wessem Port Services Group Ltd is an all-round storage and transhipment company for containers, bulk and general cargo. The core-business includes mainly port operations and logistics with all the multi-modal aspects.

WPS Group takes care of storage, transhipment (yearly 4 mio tonnes) and processing of bulk(sieving, crushing, packaging) as well as general cargo, with all means of transport by water, road and rail. Many customers have outsourced their logistic activities to WPS. We can storage the goods in warehouses, open air as well as on fluid tight floors.

Besides the port of Stein, WPS Group operates in 5 other port terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Wessem, Maastricht (2), Lanaken and Tessenderlo we can handle barges up to 2.500 tons.

The most recent expansion of WPS Stein is a new innovative logistic concept for the transport, storage and covered loading of fertilizers into barges. With this barge loader, we are able to load quickly and safely in all weather conditions.

Wessem Port Services Group BV is ISO 9001:2008 and VCA** approved and has developed over the years into an all-round, dynamic and innovative provider of logistic services, and has become the home port for many global companies in different industries.

Wessem Port Services Group B.V.
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6171 DW  Stein
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6170 AD  Stein
T. + 31 (0)46 474 7777
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