Van Gansewinkel

Waste no more

Van Gansewinkel firmly believes this.
We believe that waste doesn't have to be wasted, and that it can be used to make the products and goods of tomorrow. For this reason, we start at the beginning: where waste is created. Here, we collect the waste and use it to create new materials and energy. This way, inspired by the cradle-to-cradle’ philosophy, we complete the circle and give materials a second life.

CBA/Van Gansewinkel at Chemelot

Van Gansewinkel is responsible for the entire waste-management process at Chemelot, amongst other businesses. We provide tailor-made services encompassing everything from complex chemical waste to everyday office waste, and from laboratory waste to canteen waste. Our specialists are familiar with every sector and every type of waste channel, and they constantly keep up to date with cutting-edge environmental demands. We take total responsibility for the entire waste process, enabling smooth, optimal and uninterrupted business processes.

As part of the Van Gansewinkel approach, we effectively give your business a second skin. We immerse ourselves in your business and product-development processes, as well as analysing your particular waste process. This knowledge enables us to collect your waste carefully, silently if possible, straight from the source without hindering your primary business processes in any way. This makes your entire production and consumption cycle clean, efficient and effective, and gives your waste a second life. It also helps us to prove on a daily basis that there's no such thing as waste.

Van Gansewinkel
Centraal Beheer Afvalstoffen
Mijnweg 2
6160 MJ  Geleen
Visit address: Building 75.05 Chemelot
The Netherlands
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