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The right contact for all your waste processes
We are extracting raw materials from our planet at a rapid rate. Water is becoming scarce. Fossil fuel reserves are being depleted. Recent forecasts indicate that we will have used up all our supplies of natural gas within the next 60 years. In just 43 years we’ll have run out of oil. And metals, like gold, are only going to last for about another 45 years. There is a lot of discussion about the exact figures, but the fact of the matter is that supplies are limited. And, what’s more, it’s taking more and more energy and money to extract the remaining resources because we are having to excavate in places that are harder to reach.

By preventing waste wherever possible – through effective management and consistent optimization of the processes that generate waste – we can recycle the maximum amount of raw materials from waste streams. Not only will this enable us to halt the depletion of our scarce resources, it will also reduce considerably our energy consumption and carbon emissions. By recycling solvents, for example, we can save petrochemical raw materials and this will then make us less reliant on virgin materials. 

Van Gansewinkel at Chemelot
Van Gansewinkel is also involved in waste management at Chemelot – from complex chemical waste to everyday office waste, and from laboratory waste to canteen waste.
Businesses based on the Chemelot Campus, as well as the production units of some businesses that operate here, are being helped by Van Gansewinkel specialists to:  

  • improve operational excellence;
  • minimize the duration of stops and turnarounds;
  • improve the continuity of production;
  • reduce reliance on virgin materials;
  • ensure safety;
  • guarantee compliance.

Our specialists are innovative knowledge partners with a different approach to waste, encouraging everyone to ‘Waste No More’.

Van Gansewinkel
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