Your company needs continuity, whatever happens. Thatís why you want to make sure your energy supply is well taken care of. Reliable and thorough , durable and innovative. Fudura takes care of that. A comforting thought.

Fudura is a division of Enexis. Enexis has brought together all energymanagement expertise in Fudura. We measure and analyse your energyconsumption, give advise about your energy infrastructure and savings, rent technical equipment, and design, manage and maintain energysupply systems. We know what is important in your organisation, your branche and in the energysector. We think pro-activiley and give you a reliable advise. Fudura is your solid energypartner.

Fudura comprises:

  • Fudura Meetbedrijf
  • Fudura Intermediate
  • Fudura Verhuur & Services
  • Fudura Business Development.

At Chemelot particularly Fudura Intermediate is well established. Many years of experience have given Fudura Intermediate (previously Infra Products Intermediate) extensive expertise in the fields of installation, management, maintenance, operation and project management of electro-technical infrastructures. Fudura Intermediate makes this knowledge, skill and experience available to industrial customers who have their own high-voltage or medium-voltage installations or networks. Fudura Intermediateís activities can be divided roughly into two categories:

  • management and maintenance of infrastructure (management, maintenance, network-monitoring, fault repair service, concept development)
  • project development (study and design, advice, network planning, basic engineering, detail engineering, project management and project realization).

At Chemelot, Fudura Intermediate maintains and manages the electrical installations and networks of EdeA amongst others. Fudura Intermediate is VCA** [contractorís safety checklist] - and ISO certified.

Fudura B.V.
Kerenshofweg 101 (Gate 5)
Gebouw 036-02
6167 AE  Geleen
Postbus 453
5240 AL Rosmalen
The Netherlands
T. + 31 (0)88 857 1002
E. info.intermediate@fudura.nl 
I. www.fudura-enexis.nl