SciTe, a micro-sized enterprise, focuses on research on and development of materials, in particular polymers. This includes ascertaining and interpreting the relationships between polymerization, molecular structure, processing, crystallization, morphology and melting, with an emphasis on thermal properties. Provision of assistance by SciTe may vary from consultancy to cooperation in joint projects.

Important activities are crystallization and melting studies as performed by thermal analysis using specialized calorimeters including the newest chip-based Fast Scanning Calorimeter, the Flash DSC 1 with low to exceptional high scan rates, varying from 0.1 C/min up to 60 000 C/min in cooling and even up to 600 000 C/min in heating. Measurements are possible from -150 C on. By the instrumentation available a sample mass range of approximately 10 ng to 100 mg is covered.
In addition, because SciTe is located at both the Chemelot site, the Netherlands, and at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, a full range of state-of-the-art characterization techniques is accessible.

The sophisticated instrumentation enables one:

  • to study the kinetics of all kinds of physical phenomena;
  • to mimic processing conditions as in practice;
  • to study tiny amounts of material;
  • to study metastabilility [like amorphization; (re)crystallization; cold crystallization; annealing etc.] of polymers; of pharmaceuticals; and of substances and materials in general.

The Mettler-Toledo Flash DSC 1: the newest chip-based Fast Scanning Calorimeter:

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