TSA Safety Services

TSA Safety Services is part of TSA Group and has many years of experience as a supplier of safety personnel on secondment, particularly for the chemical and petrochemical industry, and has developed into a stable organization characterized by strong growth and high-quality service. Over the years our organization has built up an excellent track record in our field of operations.

Our core activities include secondment of:

  • Safety watches for activities in confined spaces
  • Safety supervisors/fire watches
  • Turnaround coordinators
  • Gas measurement experts
  • Secondary and higher level safety experts.

The training level determines the activities carried out by the various experts. The required qualifications for each location are determined in advance in consultation with the client.

Our organization has a strong focus on the chemical and petrochemical industry. Thanks to the know-how we have developed over the years in this sector we can offer our clients high-quality services tailored to their needs.

Our organization is designed to handle our clients’ requests in the most efficient way. We know from experience that it is not always possible for clients to adhere to a strict work schedule, and that is the reason why work is often carried out on an ad hoc basis and why supplier flexibility is of great importance. We are able to meet this requirement thanks to the flexibility of our employees and our organization, making it possible to respond to clients’ requests at very short notice.

Quality in the field of safety is of vital importance to us, which is one of the reasons why we have been certified to VCA-P and ISO 9001-2000 for many years already.

The activities of the TSA Group also include the sale and rental of Safetyshop, gas detection equipment, fire extinguishing means and breathing air equipment. In addition, we provide all types of safety training courses, for instance for personnel carrying out gas measurements, using breathing air equipment or serving as manhole watches, in conformity with the SOG Guide for risk-bearing activities.

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