TSA Safety Services

TSA Safety Services is a member of the TSA Safety Group which, for already more than 20 years, upholds the general safety of its customers, their employees and all others present on their premises. The TSA Safety Group supplies safety officers, safety equipment, safety trainings and advices on general and specific safety issues.

TSA Safety Services has a wide network of customers who operate in the (petrochemical ) industry and thereby have to manage their higher risk profile. TSA Safety Services also provides its services to fire brigades, healthcare institutions, contractors and major events and festivals.

TSA Safety Services employs a wide range of safety officers. Depending on the specific requirements we can provide all types of qualified safety personnel, ranging from preemptive safety officers who oversee specific locations, tasks or processes to highly qualified fire fighters who take control in case of an incident. We also provide high end camera equipment and instruments to capture and oversee the safety of particular areas.

TSA Safety Services operates in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For more information we invite you to visit our website www.tsa-bv.nl.

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