Z-Safety Services

Z-SAFETY SERVICES (an amalgamation of Z-Safety and Z-Services activities) is one of the three business units of Z-Group, a leading West European industrial group of service providers with a focus on the (petro) chemical, energy and steel industries.

Z-Groupís core business is Safety Management (Z-Safety Services) in its niche markets. Its other activities are bundled in the Technology Systems (Z-Safety Systems) and Interim Staffing (Z-Staffing) Business Units, which are likewise characterised by an innovative market approach and creative service provision.

Z-Safety Servicesí concentration of strength offers its customers the following total solution:

  • Turnaround Safety Management
    Safety coordination during turnarounds & projects, deployment of safety personnel (from fire and safety guards to safety coordinators and prevention advisors) and innovative safety techniques in combination with the lease, maintenance and management of safety resources via on-site safety shops.
  • Personnel: daily people business
    Providing qualified safety personnel, supplemented with material rental for safety personnel during daily activities.
  • Material: daily material management
    Rental and on-site management of safety materials. The coordination, at the request of customers, of on-site vendor management.
  • Maintenance & installation: Maintenance Management
    Maintenance of both Z-Group material as well as the customer's own equipment.


Z-Safety Services N.V.
Industrial Area Teutelberg
3650  Dilsen-Stokkem
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Visiting Address:
Bjorn Stefani
Site Coordinator
Burgemeester Lemmensstraat 350
6163 JT  Geleen
Gebouw 124-22, kantoor 1.02
The Netherlands
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E. bjorn.stephani@z-safetyservices.org 
I. www.z-safetyservices.org