Total Safety

Your partner for industrial safety
Total Safety US, Inc. is the largest global player in the field of integrated industrial security services, strategies and resources that are necessary to ensure the safety of your employees and their environment. We offer our customers not only comprehensive, cost-effective security solutions upon agreement and promise, but also have the means to realize this and support where necessary. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, located in more than 100 locations worldwide, Total Safety has the people, resources and processes to provide the best industrial security services, tailored to your individual business needs. Our mission is the welfare of employees worldwide safeguard "Wellbeing of Workers Worldwide" (W3).

Total Safety's security service is based on four pillars:

  • Staffing Management:
    Safety coordination and planning.
    Organization, deployment and posting of safety profiles (fire & security guard, gas analyst, safety supervisor, prevention advisor Level I / II, rescue team, project coordinator).
  • Materials Management
    Management of warehouses and on-site shops of safety equipment & work.
    Rental & sale of safety equipment (breathing air and body protection, fall protection, gas detection and communication equipment).
    On / off-site logistics of safety equipment.
    Vendor Management (outsourcing procurement of safety & work).
  • Maintenance Management
    Maintenance, repair and inspection of safety equipment (both own and customer material).
    Proactively manage customer stock.
  • Systems Management
    Centralised Safety Monitoring: cameras, badging and continuous gas detection of confined spaces.
    Z-Matic: automatic issue and return system for safety & work.


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